Becerra's Tex-Mex Tamales & Salsas - The Best Tamales & Salsas in Dallas!

In 2012, I started Becerra's Tex-Mex with the goal to be the best Tamale & Salsa Company in the U.S. In our first two years we've won back to back 1st & 3rd Place Awards for the Commercial Bottler Judges Selection in the biggest Salsa Festival in the U.S. - The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival. In 2013, we started winning the hearts and appetites of customers with our Tex-Mex Tamales. How does a small company gain such notoriety? By maintaining our commitment in using authentic Tex-Mex ingredients, premium cuts of beef, pork & chicken and staying true to our Texan heritage. Maintaining high standards of hand-picked all natural ingredients, authentic Tex-Mex seasonings and providing exemplary customer service.
Allowing us to bring you the absolute best in every Tamale & Salsa Becerra's Tex-Mex produces, immersing you in the true essence of Tex-Mex flavors.
“If it’s not made in Texas by Texans, it’s not Tex-Mex!” ©

Victor Valdez, President & 5th Generation Texan

Salsa Verde - MILD
Our Price: $7.00
Jalapeno Salsa - MEDIUM
Our Price: $6.00


Our Home-Style Serrano Salsa is made with fresh Plum tomatoes, Serrano peppers, onions and Becerra's Tex-Mex blend of aromatic spices. All our salsas are vegan and free of vinegars, oil, ciders, MSG, gluten, and artificial sweeteners. The flavor profile is robust and full flavored, the heat level is hot and will leave your mouth zinging from the heat of the Serrano peppers long after your first dip. I made this salsa to be "reminiscent of the types of salsas and chilés my grandparents would serve warm with menudo, tamales, and breakfast tacos using fresh corn or flour tortillas” - V. Valdez - President of Becerra's Tex-Mex Salsas & Sauces


Our much anticipated Tex-Mex Salsa Verde (Green Salsa) is so addicting you better buy two. Like the hot version, this Salsa Verde isn't like the ones you'll find on the supermarket shelves. There are no sweeteners, vinegars, and or ciders in our salsas; it's all natural, vegan, gluten-free and zero MSG (mono-sodium glutamate a.k.a. - flavor enhancers). The flavor profile is smooth with absolutely no heat, a little tangy but not so much as to give you a bitter face and since there are no sugars's not sweet...just good full flavor like a salsa should be. So much Cilantro you'll swear we put the entire garden in this jar of Salsa. It's robust, dynamic and will make your fish and shrimp tacos sing, your cheeseburgers disappear and make you run to the store for another bag of chips! You better get two jars or you'll wish you had!


Our full flavor tomato based salsa is made with hand-picked green jalapeño peppers, fresh lime juice and Becerra's proprietary blend of aromatic Tex-Mex spices. This is not the typical chunky salsa, it's consistency is smooth and it won't break your chips. Our MEDIUM heat level is one which starts out slow allowing you to savor all the flavors of the salsa while taking you to a heat level that levels out smoothly with a enough burn to keep you wanting more. This one is not for the mild at heart .