Becerra's Tex-Mex Tamales & Salsas
The Best Tamales & Salsas in Dallas!

In 2012, I started Becerra's Tex-Mex with the goal to be the best Tamale & Salsa Company in the U.S.
In our first two years we've won back to back 1st & 3rd Place Awards for Commercial Bottlers
in the biggest Salsa Festival in the U.S. - The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival. In 2013,
we started winning the hearts and appetites of customers with our Tex-Mex Tamales. How does a small
company gain such notoriety? By maintaining our commitment to use authentic Tex-Mex ingredients,
premium cuts of beef, pork & chicken and staying true to our Texan heritage and providing exemplary
customer service, bringing you the absolute best in every Tamale & Salsa Becerra's
Tex-Mex produces, immersing you in the true essence of Tex-Mex flavors.

“If it’s not made in Texas by Texans, it’s not Tex-Mex!”

~ Victor Valdez,
President & 5th Generation Texan